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| Something About Our Services

Wild Paws Training was created around 2019. This training company was created for one main reason, which is to help people with their dogs and help create well balanced dogs. Owners may see one issue like leash walking where Wild Paws Training focuses on the whole picture and help the owners and the dog have the best and the healthiest relationship possible.

Over the years we have became a strong, well educated company and believe in showing our work and proving ourselves with continue education. We are certified AKC evaluators, Certified members of International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP) and certified thru American Society of Canine Trainers International (ASCT). We also have many more certificates like first aide, Working K9 conditioning, and more.

01 Care Advices

We are here for our clients anytime they may need us, if its basic care questions, help with nail trimmings, help with vet visits, brushing and shampoo advice and much more. We are not groomers but we can help you find a great groomer, we leave that part up to those who specialize in it. We have studied and also cared for many different breeds and understand the typical genetic issues you may run it and how to prevent those issue.

02 Professional Care

When your dog is in our care, we give them the best! They are in a controlled, easy going environment and we give them time to play with other dogs if they are able to socialize, one on one attention with us. morning and evening walks  and more. We do have rules that can not be negotiable because those rules keeps any and all dogs safe. Which is one of the many important things to us. We want to ensure your dog gets back to you safely and happy. 

03 Good Environment

We make sure the environment here at Wild Paws Training is not over bearing to dogs and make them stress out. We also thrive to keep our environment clean of diseases. We treat all kennels and living areas on a regular bases with environmental and dog safe chemicals that also ensure to kill off possible chances of giardia, parvo, and other diseases that can make a dog sick. We sterile and clean kennels on a weekly basis and always clean them after a dog goes home. Floors, walls, leashes, toys, etc. get cleaned regular as well. Any signs of sickness, we alert the owners right away and take action to make sure it does not spread. 









| Our Trainers

My name is Shannon.

 I have been training dogs for a little over 15 years off and on. My compassion for helping dogs came from a special rescue my family and I took in. Everyone including our veterinarian immediately told us she was too abused and there was no life in her. I was determined to help her and change the way people saw her. After 2 years of having her, you would have never guessed that she was a terrified, matted young dog that knew nothing but how to curl in a ball and hide. I started watching every VCR/DVD tape possible and then started reading books as quickly as I could find them. The knowledge I gained turned into fellowships with dog trainers, working and helping with rescued wolves, veterinary assistant positions, and last but not least, becoming a dog trainer myself.

I worked for several companies that had one mindset: Mixed breeds were only good for house pets and obedience. Rescues were too damaged to do anything but to somewhat adjust to a calm life. Again, I went into a mode to prove them wrong. I started signing myself up for seminars, workshops, dog training courses, etc. to learn anything and everything I could possibly learn.

I needed to have a service dog and I was told by a couple of trainers that my boy is a bad choice and a waste of time and money. The main two reasons were because he was too spoiled in their eyes and he is a mixed breed. At that point, I decided instead of trying to change a company's mind or the owner's mind. I will create my own company and help all dog owners and help them achieve goals that other trainers may not want to attempt. I highly believe no one should ever be told their dog is a waste of time or money like I was.

I think all dogs have the potential of doing great things and that it is us, as humans that hold them back. My favorite dogs to work with are rescues. I love seeing them blossom into confident, happy dogs that they should have had the chance to always be.

I am always learning new things and implementing them into dog training. I am very confident in the learning and achievements I have received so far and I am determined to get much many more!!!

Our Dogs!

Our dogs are a huge help with other dogs. We use them to help socialize dogs, They are very level headed and they all help in different things. We have Titan, Zora, Nova and Evo. We also have a Belgian Malinois, Recon, that we do working K9 stuff with. We do building detections, car detection, and tacking. We also are taking on the adventures of French Ring. 

With our dogs we continue to learn things and also be able to demonstrate things for our clients so they can see exactly how things are suppose to be. 

Certified Members of:


These reviews are from other platforms that we are no longer on. However want to keep showing the great reviews that we have gotten from some amazing clients. We have even more great reviews on Google and Facebook. 

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