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We work with Rescues

We believe all dogs should have a chance to have a great life with a great family! To help make that happen we work with rescues and shelters and we will train dogs while they are waiting for their forever homes. Not all these dogs are with us currently but we have helped with these dogs one way or another. 

The main rescue we partner with is Hope 4 Huskies, they are a foster based small rescue that is based in Tri-cities area, however have fosters thru out Washington and can always use more foster families.


Noosha, The puppy that was covered in oil and left for dead in middle of nowhere. He is a happy healthy dog that is ready for his forever home. 

Spokane wa

Nw snowdogs ,my sisters, have been gracious and took this kid in. Please contact nw snowdogs below. Contact them with questions.

Mooshie aka Noohsa the oil dog is waiting for his forever family to find him, he loves the water…shower or a kayak adventure. Please email for an application


I am around a year old and your typical Stubborn Husky. I had a rough beginning of my life and had to rebuild my trust with other dogs and people. I am thriving and love playing with Kodiak and really like the girls!!! Don't worry I am fixed already, They are just fun to chase! I don't do well with small animals or children because I don't understand that I have to be gentle and I am really rough with my paws. 

I do have a little bit of food aggression, I really don't like to share my food, so I have to eat it in my kennel which I don't mind at all, I will eat it all right away. I do share toys, bones and other things just fine. 

Adoption fee is covered by Angel Donor


I am a 5 year old hound mix that was surrender to Wild Paws Training due to unforeseen circumstances. My mom got in trouble because she was sleeping and a random stranger ignored all the signs saying do not enter, call this number, warning dog, etc. he still came into the yard, I barked to tell him to get away but he avoided my warning and tried to out run me from the gate to the door. I ended up biting the person and warned him to not come back. 

Neither to say family member that did not like me owned the property and forced my mom to give me up or put me down. Wild Paws Training stepped in and took me in. They have worked on my basic obedience and has got me out in public and meeting random strangers in public, at parks and even my current back yard and I am a complete gentleman. 

My trainer and foster mom says I am not aggressive but I am protective and I know when someone is not suppose to be there. I lived with a bird and cat, the bird and I were best friends, he would steal treats for me. I don't mind other dogs around but I don't want to play with them, I have been the only dog for a while and kind of like it. I do not like little kids. I was surrender at a shelter once before because my first families child would pull on my ears and I didn't like so they surrender me. 

Donation Fee $300


I am about 5 months, My brother and I were dumped on the streets and roamed around for a good month or longer. I am just now getting my interactions with humans and I have trust issues. I am not aggressive just very scared and if you move to fast I will try to get away. 

I am learning how to trust again, socialize with all types of dogs and starting potty training. I am behind schedule due to my beginning of life. 

I am available for the right person. I am going need a lot of extra work right now. and not being full shown as available to adopt yet but the rescue will let me go to a person with experience with fearful dogs like myself. 

Apply for me with Hope 4 Huskies: 

Puppy Litters

We have several different puppies that were found or surrender and looking for homes. Please look on the HOPE 4 Hukies Facebook for more information on the puppies that are available 

We will come to you spayed or neutered and up to date on shots per Rescues policies. 

Adoption fees are $450 each

Apply for me with Hope 4 Huskies: 

Donation for HOPE 4 Huskies:

Want to donate to a good cause with out adopting. No Problem!!! Below are some fund ways you can donate to a great cause. Hope 4 Huskies uses all the money towards helping the dogs that are in foster care and also to continue to help with any future intakes!!!! 


Want to donate and that it? No Problem you can donate directly thru PayPal below or contact us for an address to send a check too. 


 Get Awesome Clothes with a good cause! Proceeds directly go to Hope 4 Huskies

Shirts, Tanks, Sweatshirts and More for the WHOLE family!!


Order Krispy Kreme Digital Dozens Supporting Hope 4 Huskies!!!

To raise money for the huskies and malamutes in need. We focus on education and support. We save, love and rehome those that are unwanted, dumped and abused. We have taken in many momma dogs, babies and more.

Great quote of the Month #2

Thorns may hurt you, men desert you, sunlight turns to fog; but you’re never friendless ever, if you have a dog

Douglas Malloch

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