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Service dog in training

Zelda is in process of becoming a service dog for her handler. She is trained for several different tasks to help her mom manage her everyday life as needed.  


Working K9

Recon is trained to find Narcotics and also working on his tracking certificate. He is owned by Wild Paws and we plan on doing contracts for narcotics as we can. 


Service Dog

Evo is a dog that is trained for light mobility work and mainly Hearing Alert service dog and very happy to help his human. 


Therapy Dog in training

Skye is learning how to be a therapy dog and is getting very close to being a certified Therapy dog thru ASCT. 


Service Dog 

Nova is trained as a hearing alert service dog. 

Sif aka Mr. Man

Service Dog in Training

Sif is trained to Medical alert tasks to help his mom get thru life a lot easier and better. 


Working K9 in training

Noir is working on Scent Training, might turn into a electronics dog for detection work. This is still pending at this time. 


Working K9 in training

Kesta is being co-owned by Wild Paws and Nine Realms training. The plan for this pup is to turn her into a working k9 for detection and tracking and hopefully her future will be in a police department. Right now its way to soon to say that for certain but that is our ultimate goal. 

Here's other dogs we have trained as well:


Not all dogs will be posted per the request of some of the owners!

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