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Dog Training 

We can help you with your basic training, anxiety issues, aggression issues, service dog work, detection, search and rescue, and much more. We thrive to be the best dog trainers we can be for our clients. We have studied and worked with all types of dogs. 

We strive to make sure we continue education every year to keep growing with more knowledge that can end up helping us become better trainers and continue to give us great ideas on how to help our clients. 


This is the first appointment you must do when you go to sign up with us. 

A consult is the initial meet and greet with you and your dog, We will discuss your concerns , evaluate your dog and the bad habits if any that your dog may have. we will also come up with a ideal training plan. If you are comfortable with everything then we will fill out paperwork and get your training on the schedule.

We do require our consult fees to be prepaid before appointment.

Over the years we have had people not show up and end up taking time away from our other clients that could of used that time to get help from us. We value our time with our clients a lot and want to make sure that time is there for them. 

**Traveling fees may or may not be applied. ($0.55 to $0.80 a mile depending on distance)**

Private Lessons                                

This is great for the basic needs for all ages of dogs. Basic Training, Manners, Safety with Leash Control!!

We can also work on some behavior modification thru private lessons.

We help with anxiety, fear, aggression, confidence issues and much more. 

We require an consult before we can set a exact pricing when it comes to behavioral issues. The pricing is based off the severity and the amount of training and the work that will be involved helping you and your dog.

Board and Train                               

Board and Train is a 3 week programs. We take your dog and keep it for 3 weeks teaching it how to be a well manner dog. 

At the end of the boarding we spend 1-3 hours with you teaching you everything that your dog has learned and how to handle any issues that you hired us to fix.

Your dog also comes home with any and all basic training supplies that may be needed. (leash, collar, safety clips, long lead, etc)

Ecollars are extra cost and are not provided unless requested. We will not use a ecollar on a dog unless you specifically hire us to do ecollar training. 

Day School           

Do you work long hours? Do you work a physical job and too tired to walk or train your dog? 

We can help!!! Drop your dog off to us and we will socialize, train, work your dog while you are at work. When you come to pick your dog up. They will be ready to relax and cuddle till bedtime. During our Day school program you still are involved in the training and get "homework" to work on at the times you are able to. This program is great for the busy bodies that need help keeping things consistent

Specialty Training                          

We help with service dogs and working k9s with, tracking, scent work and much more. 


However depending on what you need and for how long depends on the price. We do require a 4 month contract with us for these type of things. Training working k9 or service dog does take time and can not be full completed with in 4 private lessons.


We suggest in these situations to contact us and talk to us and/or setup an consult and we can lay everything out at the consult. That way you know exactly what you are looking at money and time wise.

| Dog Boarding                       

Going on Vacation and need a place for your dog? Call us!! 

While your dog is with us they get 1-2 long walks a day, socialization either with us one on one or with other dogs, or both. 

We will keep you updated on your dear friend and let you know right away if there are any issues. We treat your dog as if it was our personal dog. We make sure they get plenty of attention and playtime. 

For More Information and Inquiries, Please Call Us

(509) 720-8233

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